Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Simple in, Simple out.

This is my first blog. I'm not much of a writer. Never have been. Actually my spelling is horrid and I don't know how to use the appropriate punctuation most of the time. One would think that after 12 years of base education and a total of 1 .5 years of college Id pick up a thing or two obviously if you cant tell by now  I haven't. My name is Channon. That's pronounced SH instead CH but spelled Ch. Get it? I'm a thirty something mother of two and a devoted pretend wife. In other words I have a boyfriend who is my daughters father. Nick and I have  been together for years but haven't sealed the deal legally. Hes a rough tough manly man who works in a challenging  environment. Hes a dedicated family guy and I love him.

These days I spend my time at home. You know keeping the house,  grocery shopping and doing the laundry but My very favorite thing about my day is that I spend it with my sweet loving girl of 12 months Kate. Katie bug as we like to call her will be 1 at the end of the month and I swear she has a story that she is ready to tell at any given time. Its weird but I can already tell that shes an old soul.  Also in this years time my son Elijah or Eli as we like has turned 7. My son Eli is the most imaginative child you will ever have the pleasure to meet. His wild imagination has taken us on journeys to lands beyond anything that I could ever imagine. He has now informed me that he will be addressed as Indiana Jones not Elijah!

Sometimes I find myself thinking about how lucky I am. Sure we have hard times just like any other family but even when its bad its good. It could always be worse. My New Years resolution this year  is to keep things plain and simple. I have an act for being complicated and over thinking situations but not anymore! So cheers to a New Year! May it be the best of many more to come!

I truly love my family and I look forward to sharing a glimpse of our lives with you.


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  1. Hey Chan! I can't believe she's going to be 1 already! It seems like only yesterday Elijah was an infant! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! :) Looking forward to many more wonderful posts.